About Company

Effco Finishes & Technologies Pvt Ltd is Indian manufacturer of water base & solvent base zinc Flake chemistry as per ISO10683 /ASTMF3393 for automobile, Railway, Telecom, Windmill, Solar industries, and few other sectors under the brand name of “ECOMET”. Our products are widely used in these industries and are efficient replacement for electroplating & Hot Dip Galvanising.

We also provide turnkey project for setting up plant & machinery for zinc flake coating technology. We are one stop solution for our customer needs.

Corundum Zinc flake coatings are non-electrolytically applied coating which provide good protection against corrosion. These coatings consist of a mixture of zinc and aluminium flakes, which are bonded together by an inorganic matrix.

EFFCO believes in manufacturing of environmentally friendly new generation corrosion protection technology which replaces the polluted electroplating mechanism thereby stopping the discharge of the pollutants. Additionally, it does not involve the usage acids and water, thus giving us a greener Earth!

EFFCO now has an R&D Department setup and Manufacturing plant in Pune and as we speak the Company has begun exporting its technologies and products to the UK, Russia, European Union, Latin America and North America.

  • Fastener Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment
  • Fastener Manufacturing Technology
  • Automation Technologies for Fastener Industry
  • Surface treatment of sheet metal
Automotive^Construction^Metal products^Electronics and electrical goods^
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