Jainson is a leading manufacturer of Castors and Wheels in India. With nearly three decades of experience, the company offers one of the largest range of Castors from 37 mm to 400 mm diameter and of load carrying capacity from 12 to 4000 kg/castor. Jainson offers a very large range of Pressed Steel Castors and also Stainless Steel Castors of Grade 304 steel. Besides our standard products, we offer customized solutions to meet any of your specific application or usage. Our manufacturing facility in Gurgaon is spread over 50,000 sq ft. having modern machines, equipment and toolroom. Our team of qualified engineers and trained technicians are constantly engaged in ensuring quality that matches the best.

Manufactured under strict quality control and supervision, Jainson offers world class products with innovative indegenious technology which ensures longer life and negligible maintenance or replacement for castors. Jainson castors are patronised by users in almost every application from material handling, textile, heavy engineering industries, automobile, aviation sectors, hotels, hospitals, electronic equipment to furniture and trolley manufacturers. Depending on the application, the wheels are made of high grades of PU, nylon, cast iron, rubber and other materials. Jainson castors are noise-free, roll smoothly, turn effortlessly and are easy to maintain.

Nearly ninety percent components of castors and wheels are produced at our own plant in Gurgaon. We are OEMs to many prestigious industries throughout the country. Without mentioning any reputed names, both in domestic or multi-national space, we can honestly claim that our products are used nationwide. Don't hesitate to ask for our client list, with our offer we would provide you many references which will convince you of our credentials among the best.

Our Products : Heavy Duty Industrial, Medical Castors, Stainless Steel castors, Industrial Castors, Institutional Castors, Furniture Castors, Air Cargo Castors, Scaffolding Castors Trolleys, Pipe and Joints.

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